Charl Fourie is a photographer and visual artist, currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. A student of the Creative Latent Photography School, his works have been exhibited in ElevenEleven Studio and the PH Centre. He is a founding member of Analogue Cape Town, a contributing member of Pachie and a regular contributor to Analogue United.

Fourie uses photography as a means of documentation. Like physical meditations, his photographs are both exploratory, examining the overlooked subjects of the world he lives in; and investigative, studying light and the illuminations it can provide for the moments he captures. Fourie works predominantly with analogue photography, accentuating liminal colorations in development to give his works a unique style. They are sombre, convey rich emotion through their simplicity, and find balance with attentive detail to geometric forms and considered framing.

Fourie regards his approach to photography as if he is painting with light. Influenced by notable artists such as Jason Lee, Fan Ho, Ansel Adams and László Moholy-Nagy, his work is secured in balance between contemporary and modern. His attentiveness to simplicity and shape ground his photographs, whilst his technical ability shines through in his characteristic approach to the capturing of light, shading, colouration and emotion.

2020 is an exciting year for Fourie. He is working towards a solo photography book entitled Adamastor and continuing to publish works on a variety of digital channels. His dedication to analogue photography continues to mount, and his understanding of light ever-growing.